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Meet Richard Knight

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For more than 35 years Richard Knight has been a channel between our world and the Afterlife. His ability to communicate stunningly accurate messages of love and hope from those who have passed on has earned him international  acclaim. 

He is recognised as one of the world's leading Channelers of Automatic Writing and has left thousands of people astounded by his ability to receive written information from the Afterlife. Stunningly specific details such as dates, nicknames, full names and addresses and even descriptions of childhood pets have come through often at a rate of 20 messages per minute. It is this amazing accuracy that has helped to gain his reputation as


'One of the clearest links to the Afterlife'

Richard has also made the study of the Tarot a life long focus and has made him one of the most sought after Clairvoyants working today.

In his career he has undertaken more than 80,000 sessions for those seeking both insight and comfort.

In his 20's Richard was featured in almost every major newspaper and TV channel in the UK appearing and consulting on shows such as

'Tonight with Jonathan Ross' , 'Strange but True' appearing along side celebrities including Boy George and Dudley Moore

... but then he suddenly disappeared from public view. Cancelling all TV and Press interviews, Richard became a 'Spiritual Recluse' for a year.

"I felt I was becoming some sort of 'Psychic performing seal' with all the media attention, and I knew that there had to be more to it.

Spirit was trying to guide me towards a higher purpose. So, I literally sold all my possessions and went and sat on top of a mountain for a year and meditated".

Over the last 30 years Richard has built a real following with many tens of thousands watching him live at his demonstrations and workshops. His clientele is truly worldwide and numbers major celebrities and VIPs.

He has been described in the press as   ' One of the most sought after Psychics that you've probably never heard of', 

and that's just how Richard likes it.

Author of two books on the Tarot and a new book on Mediumship due to be published late 2019, Richard is viewed as a maverick in the world of Spiritual Development. His Tarot and Mediumship sessions have often been described as "Uncannily accurate" and "Life Changing."

Despite being regarded as one of the foremost Clairvoyants working today, Richard's mission remains the same as its always been.

'My mission is to give people hope, comfort and a new understanding of themselves and their lives...I am simply the channel '