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The First Tarot DecK

Richard Knight was five years old when he first held a pack of Tarot cards in his hands.


He was given them as a gift, but never taught the meanings. This would become a blessing.


Richard, a quiet boy, started using the cards intuitively to interpret the world around him. He would later come to understand that he was an Indigo Child.


His lifelong quest to understand the power and energy of Tarot began just three years later, at age 8, whilst finally seeing the cards being used as they were supposed to be. Not from anyone around him, but from a movie scene in Live and Let Die, a James Bond classic. 

A Near-Death Experience

At 11 years old, Richard nearly drowned. He remembers seeing a tunnel of light and lots of other mystical phenomena. This profound spiritual experience amplified his growing psychic abilities to strange new heights.


The near-death experience changed him so much that it set the course for the rest of his life. He would dedicate everything to mastering the psychic arts.

The Freaks

From his mid-teens to his early 20s, Richard worked with several agencies interested in researching paranormal abilities in gifted people. These agencies were particularly interested in seeing how these unusual abilities could be applied practically. 


He worked alongside two other young people, and they called themselves “The Freaks”. 


They regularly took part in psychokinetic and remote viewing experiments. 


It was during this time that Richard’s reputation as a psychic exploded. Celebrities hunted him down for readings, and the media brought him into multiple projects as a consultant.

Enough is Enough

This all came to a sudden halt a few years later. Richard had become burnt out due to the constant demand for his unusual and spookily accurate abilities. He refers to this as his “spiritual breakdown”.


Richard decided to take a year off and retreated to a remote cottage in Northern Scotland. 


Here, he spent much of his time meditating and contemplating the true purpose of his gifts.


His insights led him to define a new path, based on helping people to heal. He vowed never to ‘entertain’ others with his unique gifts again. 

The Maverick Emerges

For the next 20 years, Richard developed new approaches that would best help his clients. Often these conflicted with the traditional approach to Tarot and he faced much criticism.


But his groundbreaking insights worked, and Richard travelled the world, teaching, demonstrating, and working with a long list of clients.

80,000 Readings Later

Richard realised that it was time for the Tarot to be taken seriously and used as a tool to impact the whole world positively. He decided to teach his revolutionary techniques to a new wave of modern intuitives. 


He stopped doing personal readings in 2020 and put all of his energy into sharing this knowledge.


Now, every year, thousands of people the world over are becoming modern Tarot masters, through Richards Masterclasses, Academies and live events. 

At Home

Richard enjoys the theatre, especially musical theatre, and visiting theme parks with his family - though you’re more likely to find him relaxing with a coffee than on any rides. He would tell you he doesn’t like chocolate but has a secret love for Nutella. Richard adores travelling, and has currently visited Disneyland Paris over 30 times. 

“Richard Knight is one of the most honest, dedicated teachers I have met in the psychic community. He is a gifted psychic who really wants to raise his students' consciousness, send them out into the world and enable them to be in service in the most profound way. He shares everything he knows. You can find support and help on everything, mediumship, energy healing, dowsing, angelic communication, psychometry, how you can set up your own business..... and he is continually adding new knowledge. He is always there when you need him. He has attracted an amazing group of like minded people where you can find support, love, additional knowledge... everything…” -


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