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Anything Can Happen!

I almost never post about individual readings that I do for clients as I treat what comes through with respect and complete confidentiality. However a couple of weeks ago I did a sitting for a lovely lady called Bev which turned out to be amazing for both of us. So with her permission, here’s what happened. Bev had come to see me hoping to connect with her brother Ken, who had sadly passed away in a motorcycle accident on holiday abroad. Within a minute of starting the reading Ken came through strong and with a lot to say. He explained how the accident had happened and provided details that filled in gaps that the family didn’t know. Ken also mentioned his nick name which I can’t mention it was very rude! It turns out that Ken was a bit of a practical joker when he was our side and described a couple of the best wind-ups that he managed to pull in of which included shrink wrapping Bev’s car! During the sitting Bev was holding a stainless steel pendant in the shape of an angels wing which she had bought not long after Ken’s death. She had his name engraved on it and wore it every day. Towards the end of the reading I heard Ken chuckling and he whispered “Tell her to look at the pendant”. In front of us the pendant had begun to slowly warp and bend and kept doing it while it was on table for about a minute. Neither of us could believe our eyes and I was really worried that Bev might have been upset. On the contrary she was delighted and said it was so like Ken to do something like that. (I checked the pendant afterwards and it was solid steel and impossible to bend back).

So there are two lessons from that reading: 1. People and their personalities don’t change after they cross over...once a practical joker, always a practical joker. 2. When I tell people at the beginning of readings or events that strange things can happen in the room...I’m not kidding!!! 😀

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