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Ghost Writing

When I’m connected to Spirit I see, hear and feel the information that comes from them. If you’ve been to one of my demonstrations you will have seen me scribbling on a notepad when I’m tuned in. Normally that’s because the information is coming in so fast that the only way I can make sense of it is by writing it down and making it visual. At anytime I can be connected to between 3 and 10 spirit energies! So, what exactly is coming through? These are a couple of pages from a recent demonstration and I thought it might be interesting to give you a brief insight. (All participants have given permission for me to share their readings)

1. The first message from Peter came through to his mum. Peter had died at the age of 6 through leukaemia. His mum had sensed him around the house since he’d passed and he just wanted to tell her how much he loved her. I had no idea what 7561 meant, but Peter’s mum did. Peter was fascinated by her iPhone and loved to watch Disney videos on it. 7561 was the passcode to her phone! No one was more amazed than me when that came through!

2. The second was from a lady’s husband who was a beautifully clear connection. It is highly unusual for a soul to come through with a surname. As I talked to him he gave very precise details on the type of cancer and location of his passing. He kept telling me that I know where he passed. I explained to him that I didn’t...until he pointed out that I’d been there 10 years ago. They use my head like a filing cabinet and sometimes it feels like they know and remember more about my life than I do!

3. The third was a teenage girl who had very sadly taken her own life. Her mum only needed to hear two things....that her daughter was safe now and that she knew that she had been buried with her favourite Arthur soft toy.

4. What fascinates me about these messages is how my handwriting seems to change with each connection. Apparently ‘4’ which was a message from Dorothy to her daughter is her exact signature which changed dramatically after she had a mild stroke.

I hope that these insights into what’s happening on stage is interesting for you...and I look forward to seeing you at one of my events in the future. Xx

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