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My Day With Dudley Moore

I’m just finishing off two new websites that will hopefully go ‘live’ next week and inevitably when you’re writing them you start reminiscing...

In over 35 Years as a Psychic Medium I have conducted over 60,000 sessions in almost every part of the world. During those years I have met many fascinating people, some of whom have been celebrities and my personal heroes.

Two of my favourites were Dudley Moore and Sir Peter Ustinov.

I met Dudley Moore when I was working with the Jonathan Ross show for Channel 4. I was working as a consultant on all things ‘Psychic’ on the programme and I was told that Dudley had a real fascination for this area since his move to California. I was also told he was a very difficult person due to depression and severe mood swings. It was with great trepidation I met him in the production offices in London one Monday morning...

I don’t know if I had just picked a good day to meet him, but I don’t think I have ever laughed as hard in my life. Imagine spending the day with his character ‘Arthur’ from the film and you’ll get an idea. I genuinely thought I was going to have a cardiac arrest from laughing so much. We went to lunch in Soho and his antics continued, acting the slightly drunk Arthur throughout the meal. The restaurant was packed and everyone joined in, so much so that Dudley got a standing ovation as we were leaving. There was a piano in the restaurant and Dudley was an extremely accomplished pianist...and decided to  lead a room full of the great and the good in a singalong that got progressively ruder...and I mean really rude.😂

Happy memories from a long time ago X

Ps. Tomorrow I’ll tell you about my session with Sir Peter Ustinov and how I connected with his cat in spirit 

and my favourite testimonial ever...

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