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"unearthly gifted"

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"the most direct connection you can make to loved ones in the spirit world"
"a unique experience created by one of the world's leading clairvoyants"

Join Richard Knight for an event unlike any other! This is quite simply the most direct connection you can get with your loved ones in the Spirit World.

Experience an energy like no other as you are guided through messages from the Afterlife and the healing effects of their presence before being guided through the REUNION experience. 

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please note that these are exclusive events and seating is strictly limited.

During this amazing 3 hour evening event you will witness one of the world's most highly acclaimed Psychic Mediums connect to the Spirit World and demonstrate his ability through a combination of Clairaudience and Automatic writing.

Richard will take the you through a guided visualisation exercise specifically designed to place you in the most receptive state for your loved ones to connect directly with you. You will have an opportunity to communicate with them and feel their love once again. This is a beautiful and safe experience that has been described by many that have taken part as  life changing. 

"Hi Richard, I came to REUNION at the Holiday Inn last Thursday. The whole experience was amazing and I enjoyed every minute. I became very emotional at the end when I saw my grandparents on my right and my dad walking towards me in his dark blue suit. I became aware of a strong smell of cigar smoke, a strong indication that my dad was with me. Thank you once again for a brilliant evening x" Julie S

You will experience one of the most accurate mediums pass on messages from your loved ones and explaining how they speak to you in every day life.

As the energy builds in the room, which many of the participants will feel, Richard will show you how to use that healing energy to make profound changes in your life.

Everyone who attends REUNION receives a complimentary healing crystal. Richard will show you how to Cleanse and Energise it to create a powerful connection with Spirit that stays for days and weeks afterwards.

"That's AMAZING!! I placed the crystal beside my mum's photograph as you suggested and she connected to me as I slept. I know it wasn't a dream, it was too real and I can remember every detail. 

What was even more incredible, when I woke up, my bedroom was filled with the smell of violets(even my husband could smell it!).

Violets were my mum's favourite flowers. I can't begin to explain how much comfort knowing that she is still with me has brought.

Thank you for REUNION. Linda K

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Reunion - The Afterlife Experience is a Unique Psychic Event

  • Two hours of amazing Audience Readings from a Master Medium
  • A complimentary Healing Crystal and Ebook on how to use it 
  • A  Powerful Healing exercise that has created life-changing transformations
  • The Amazing Reunion process that will help you connect directly to your loved ones in Spirit
  • Techniques to keep that connection for days and weeks after the event.
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