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An excellent reading should accurately describe your life, where your journey has taken you, your present situation and where your path is leading. A world class reading should highlight obstacles in that path, provide insight into difficulties and choices and gently offer guidance into which is the right path forward to take....

The Tarot is one of the oldest and without a doubt the most powerful tool for Spiritual insight and Transformation.

The Tarot allows you to discover a deeper connection to an incredible intuitive and creative potential within you which transforms everything you do.

When you allow yourself to be guided by this part of yourself, you are amazing ... happy, powerful and filled with love. Your life becomes one of unlimited potential.

In the hands of one of the world's leading experts the Tarot can help you discover who you really are and the your true Life Purpose.


Creating a Space Where Miracles can Manifest ....


If a reading could tap into your own potential and leave you happier and more focused on your life goals...

If a reading could illuminate hidden aspects of your real self that you could use to start to create your ideal life...

If you could find a life of calm and serenity...

Richard has combined over 35 years experience with the Tarot and consulting with  the world's leading Transformational Coaches to create 'Alchemy'. A revolutionary new way of approaching Tarot reading, Alchemy combines the very best of the traditional approaches with cutting edge Transformational techniques.

During this 2 hour session you will feel the Tarot becoming part of you, guiding you, helping you explore areas of your life that have remain hidden to you. The Tarot has never been this powerful or this life changing.

Alchemy is a process that is unique to Richard and is available worldwide via Zoom. A session will consist of the initial hour looking at specific areas of your life in the past, present and future. During this Spirit will be present in the form of your loved ones and Guides.

The consultation will then use the Tarot as a tool for Deep Transformational Coaching. A world leader in the development of Intuition, Richard will take you through a guided visualisation that will allow you to tap into this 'Spiritual Super Power' and help you create a clear and powerful vision of yourself and your lives journey.

What if you could live a life of Passion, Clarity and Truth?