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REUNION is a unique and beautiful experience that allows you to reconnect to your loved ones in the Afterlife  in a way that far surpasses any existing mediumship process.

During the 60 minute session you will experience the mediumship of Richard Knight, who has been described as one of the clearest channels between this world and the next. He will pass on the messages of love and healing from the 'other side'  with an accuracy that is unparalleled. At some point during your reading Richard will guide you gently and safely  through a meditative process so that you can connect directly to the souls of your loved ones. You will have an opportunity to receive messages directly from them and receive their love and healing. This experience is profound and has often been described as life changing. It brings with it a real sense of inner peace and balance. The effects of REUNION can go on for days and weeks after the session with individuals reporting that they are aware of the souls of their loved ones being around them and even leaving signs.

This is unlike any Mediumship process that you may have previously experienced. REUNION allows you to directly connect with your loved ones in spirit, guided by one of the leading mediums working today.

Richard Talks About REUNION
Just wanted to say a big thank you for my lovely reading, you were amazing. You gave me so much proof, things that no one knew, only have a beautiful gift and know all who have a reading will be as amazed as me.
Susan V.  Sheffield UK

I have just experienced a session with Richard Knight and I'm blown away! I have seen Richard before but this is the first time I have experienced REUNION.

Richard connected to my mum, who passed a couple of years ago with cancer. The information that he passed on was incredibly accurate  but I wasn't prepared for what happened next...

Richard had just delivered my mum's opinion about a current family situation that we are all enduring when he smiled at me and said 'let me take you to her' 

He asked me to close my eyes and gently talked me through a process to quieten my mind. 

As I entered in my minds eye what Richard calls 'The Sanctuary' I was immediately aware of my mums presence. I could see her, touch her and talk to her. The feeling of love was immense. This was not imagination or a was really her. I can't explain the incredible effect this has had on me. For the first time in two years I have found peace. My mum died without me having a chance to tell her how much I loved her...I got my chance through REUNION. Also, because of what she told me in THE SANCTUARY I know she is still very much around me, and looking after me.

Mary J. Manchester UK

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