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Are You Leading a Life of Joy and Fulfilment?
Or do you find yourself wondering ... Is this all there is?

Within you is your own 'Spiritual Superpower that can transform your life and bring love, health and abundance.

The Spirit of Healing is a day where we will introduce you to your own 'Spiritual Superpower' and help you to develop it using tools including Crystals, Aura's and the Tarot. Bt tapping into this energy you will experience healing both physically and emotionally that can literally transform lives.

The Spirit of Healing isa day that will AMAZE, HEAL and INSPIRE.

Master Medium and internationally acclaimed Energy Healer

Richard Knight will guide you throughout this eye-opening and

life changing one-day workshop.

Richard will share techniques and inspiration that he has gained from a lifetime working with Spirit.

Through working with the Tarot, Crystals, Spiritual Energy, Journalling and Guided Meditations you will:

  • Discover how to develop and use your Intuition so that you can predict and anticipate the changes and challenges that life has in store for you

  • Identify your own personal destiny points you must reach to fulfil your purpose

  • Learn how to overcome negative thoughts and energy that may be holding you back

  • Learn how to call on 'Spiritual Reinforcements' when you need a little help and guidance.

  • Find the answer to THE question... "Why am I here?"

During the day Richard will also pass on messages to members of the audience from your loved ones in Spirit.

This is a day that will leave you enlightened and inspired, with a heightened awareness of who you are and where you are going.

are you ready to transform your life?

'Hi Richard, I just wanted to give you some feedback ...

After gaining weight every single week since October .... I have lost 8lbs in just over a week!! I haven't followed any 'diet' ... the compulsion I had to eat everything in sight has just vanished.

I feel different in myself ... though I can't pin point in what way.

I've been trying to deal with an issue for the last 2 years and the thoughts have just vanished!!

Thank you so much for getting me out of the very deep hole that I found myself in for the last couple of years! I feel like a new person!' Helen M.

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From the moment Richard connects to Spirit you can feel the energy change in the room. A 'Spiritual Electricity' fills the space with many people experiencing Auras and Orbs and connecting to a transformational energy that Richard describes as ' Coming Home '.


People describe a state of joy and inspiration flowing over them which can genuinely be described as life changing.

Negative Thinking, Mental Blocks and Physical Pain can be dramatically reduced or removed in minutes.

As Richard passes on stunningly accurate messages from loved ones in Spirit, revealing information that only they could know, you will understand that they are still with us and wanting to guide us to an incredible life.

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This Workshop is for everyone ....

no matter where you are on your Journey through Life.

The Spirit of Healing day consists of four modules in which you will both experience the connection to Spirit but learn to develop your own Intuition and Healing abilities.
It is truly a day of Spiritual Transformation.
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In Module One Richard will build the energy in the room and begin to connect to your family and loved ones in Spirit. Demonstrating Clairvoyance and Automatic Writing he will pass on stunningly accurate from Spirit.

Richard will then explain how Spirit guides us every day and how to recognise their signs and symbols in our every day life. You will learn the 3 most powerful ways that you can connect to Spirit and ask for their guidance.

Fortune Telling Cards

In Module Two you will be introduced to tools to help you develop your own Intuition. Richard will explain how your Intuition works and the role it should play in your life. You will learn how to sense energy and see Auras as well as channeling information through Automatic writing. This is a very practical module with lots of time to practice your new skills!

Finally in this module Richard will demonstrate his 'Alchemy' model for using the Tarot to really understand who you are and discover your life purpose.

(No previous knowledge of the Tarot is necessary)

During the Lunch Break you will select your own complementary Healing Crystal and have the opportunity to participate in a Healing Circle with Richard and Liz.

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In Module 3 you will learn how to Energise your Healing Crystals and to tap into your own Transformative Energies.
You will witness and participate as Richard teaches you his techniques for rapidly removing Negative Emotional Blocks, clearing Lifelong Phobias  and dramatically reducing Chronic Pain in a matter of minutes.
Finally Richard will introduce you to an amazing  Guided Visualisation 'THE INFINITE' which will flood your Mind and Body with a powerful Energy which many have described as Life- Changing.
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Module 4.  Richard will reconnect with your family and friends in Spirit and pass on their messages of Love and Healing. During this session you will witness an outstanding demonstration of Automatic Writing where sometimes 20 messages are conveyed in often less than a minute.
Finally, you will take part in a Meditation that  is favourite of Richard's that he calls 'The Gift'.
The Spirit of Healing is a day of Spiritual Transformation  A day that will Amaze, Inspire and Heal
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Richard will be joined on the day by one of the most sought after Transformational Life Coaches in the UK      LIZ HOWARTH


From a highly successful career in her 20's as an Executive director of a multi-million pound organisation to now consulting with some of the world's largest companies and CEO's, Liz has become known for creating real and profound transformations.

Her approach is created from real world experience and insight working with hundreds of clients from CEO's, sports people, celebrities to anyone who is facing a crossroads in their lives.

"I truly believe the answers lie within you. I help you to see them in a way you've never realised before and put them into action to change your life"