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'Unearthly Gifted"

The Independent

just absolutely amazing.

so accurate and life changing 

Thank you so much Richard

can't wait to see you again

A. Francis

Exclusive  Video Sessions with Richard


Richard is now no longer taking bookings for private sessions. 
in 2022 he is concentrating on sharing his knowledge and expertise through his masterclasses, Academies and Live events


The Exclusive Session

As a Psychic and Medium, Richard's gift allows him to connect with the Tarot and your loved ones who have passed on, discern important guidance to get your life back on track and how to unlock the amazing future that you have always dreamed of.

This 1 hour session will combine both a personal Tarot and Reunion approach leading to what is often described as a life changing and healing experience. As the session progresses the information from your loved ones in Spirit will be channeled to Richard by Automatic Writing which will be shared with you.

The Tarot will provide insight into current situations and major decisions that you may be facing in your life. This could include career and finances, your relationships with family and friends, your love life, your health and wellness, and even your purpose and life.

When you work with Richard, you will receive guidance and insight that can help you find the right tools and the refocussed direction to transform and improve your life.

And last but not least, Richard's unique energy will get you excited about your future, open your heart and mind to the possibilities that are before you, and re-ignite your determination to become the best version of you


I saw Richard a few years back, one of the best I've ever seen. He was spot on with everything. There was no way he could have known the stuff he told me...just WOW



Rachael M 

Hi Richard, I just wanted to thank you for bringing my mum through last night who passed 18 years ago. You are absolutely amazing.

Lesley A

Richard Knight is the best psychic, I can highly recommend him


Margaret W

What to Expect When You Book A Reading
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Prior to your session, Richard does not need to ask for any information nor does he ask any questions of you. The moment you begin to speak with Richard he starts interpreting information from the Tarot and messages from Spirit to share with you, both in the form of detailed visions and feelings , as well as hearing verbal messages to pass on to you. Very often, he will receive names, dates and specific information to help bring clarity and validation to any situation.

You will have the opportunity throughout your session to ask questions, although most people have experienced that Richard will frequently answer your questions during your reading without you having to ask. Your private reading will always be kept confidential. Note taking is strongly recommended as the amount of information can be overwhelming to remember.

At present all sessions are being conducted by Zoom or Skype.

Incredibly, there is no difference in quality between an in-person session or a video session, as Richard's ability to interpret the Tarot and communicate with your loved ones is undiminished, and he is able to relay that information to you via the video connection.


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feb 2020 testimonials.jpg