2020 has been a year like no other ... strange, scary, lonely for some, a time for re-evaluating and introspection for many others. I talk to so many people who want to make this year mean something, a chance to change and transform their lives. To come out of this year feeling better, happier more focussed on a new future.

But how do you start? What steps can you take to create real change in your life? Are there proven methods that you can use to start that transformation now?

On Friday the 12th June I will be hosting a Masterclass with the amazing Iona Russell. 
Iona is an Intuitive Life Coach and author of Making Waves. She hosts her own radio show and has been featured in the Daily Mail, Healthy Living Magazine and Natural health to name just a few.

During this 2 hour Masterclass we will show you incredibly powerful approaches and strategies that will help you to:

  • Remove the blocks that are holding you back

  • Experience true freedom and a deep sense of fulfilment 

  • Create ease and flow in your life

  • feel on purpose and answer your higher calling

So, is this Your Time? Do you want to start feeling differently about your life and make real changes?

Are you ready to start your Transformation?

 Both Iona and myself have helped many people to create that change in just one session using exactly the techniques we will be talking about at this event.

Join us ... tickets are only £13 ... and you can take part from the comfort of your own home.

Zoom is the worlds leading software for online meetings and is an easy and straightforward app to download and use. 

For privacy reasons no recording of the event is permitted.

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