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The live event

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how sensing the future can transform your life

Join Us For This Exciting New Two day Live Workshop

that will Change the way You See Your Future, Forever

When one of the World's Leading Psychics teams up with One of the Top Spiritual Coaches you can expect an experience like no other!

'Wow, Their chemistry & energy together is magnetic'

In this Powerfully Immersive & Interactive Weekend you will Discover:​

  • Experience ANANTA the new and cutting edge approach to access your ability for PREMONITION

  • How to Manifest and Create your Highest Purpose and Potential

  • Powerful techniques to rapidly break through Mental, Emotional & Physical Barriers

  • How to Rewrite Your Future and Your Past

  • Incredible Stories of Premonition and the Science behind this Life-Changing Phenomenon

  • To Speak the Language of Premonition and your Higher Self

  • How Premonition helps you understand your real Life Purpose

Richard Knight is recognised as one of the worlds leading authorities on Psychic Functioning with thousands of students worldwide. He also mentors two advanced Academies whose members represent the elite of practitioners of the Tarot, Clairvoyance, Mediumship and Intuitive Coaching.

'Unearthly Gifted' The Independent

'One of the World's Top Clairvoyants' Lifestyle

'The Mozart of Modern Tarot'

Iona Russell is a leading Intuitive and Spiritual Coach, International Speaker and Author of Making Waves - Awaken the Light Within.

'Thank you Iona. You are amazing and have changed my life for the better. It's also a wonderful bonus how one path leads to another and before you know it your entire life has changed. thank you from the bottom of my heart'. Kristi G

'Iona really got me to step past the fear, really got me to take that first step in facing what was holding me back' Emma D

'Wow! Unblock the body, unblock the mind! I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't experienced it! Well done and thank you Iona!' Sophie D

Throughout this very special workshop Iona will show you powerful techniques and Quantum Meditations that will open the door to your infinite potential and possibilities.

You will understand how the ability to sense and transform your future can enhance Relationships, Love and Prosperity.

In this phenomenal workshop they will take you through a proven approach to developing Precognition and will demonstrate techniques to strengthen your practice and abilities, and make it part of your daily life.

THE ANANTA EFFECT™ has been developed over 40+ years to be the most direct way of accessing your Intuition and understanding how your own Super Power can transform your Spiritual abilities and illuminate your Life Purpose. 


This unique approach has never been shared publicly before, be one of the first in the world to experience its power!                        


the power of premonition

Imagine a Life full of Fulfilment, Love and Positive Energy.

A life where you knew you were fulfilling your Life Purpose.

Imagine how different Life would be if you could see the path ahead ... and plan for the inevitable twists and turns


It's Time For You To ...

  • Remove the blocks that are holding you back

  • Experience true freedom and a deep sense of fulfilment 

  • Create ease and flow in your life, personally and professionally  

  • Feel on purpose and answer your Higher Calling

Day One - You will learn how sensing your future can transform your life and those of others. You will learn an amazing technique to allow your conscious and unconscious minds to connect and work in harmony - vital in any form of advanced Psychic functioning.

You will be guided  through a specific approach to experiencing Precognition and have the opportunity to practice in a powerfully interactive session.

Richard will also invite you into a remarkable group reading where he will connect with members of the audience and share insights and messages about their lives. This is rare opportunity to experience a public demonstration, from a Psychic who is viewed as one of the best.

The day will end with Iona showing you how to plan a fulfilling and empowering future, using proven techniques and Quantum Meditation that will have you buzzing with excitement as you discover your true potential.


Day Two - This is a hugely interactive day where you will embark on planning your future and creating your life of Infinite Potential. You will witness and be part of a stunning healing process to remove negative blocks. Richard and Iona will work both with individuals and as a group to demonstrate how healing can happen sometimes in a matter of minutes.

You will also learn the impact that Quantum Meditation and Journaling can have on our lives. You will leave this Workshop with a plan to live a Powerful and Fulfilling Life.

Finally - we will all experience a group Quantum Meditation that has been specially created for this event that will change the way you see and experience your Past, Present and Future. 

You will never have experienced an event like


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Soul Dancer is being held on the weekend of the 4th and 5th of September 2021. 

Doors will open at 9.30am on the Saturday and we will finish at 5pm.

On Sunday we begin at 10am and will end at 4pm.

There will be coffee and lunch breaks on both days. Please note refreshments and lunch is not included in your ticket. A wide variety of options are available within the hotel or immediate vicinity.

Accommodation is not included in the ticket but as we are located in central Birmingham there are lots of hotel or AirBnB options to suit every budget and taste.

We are close to all major transport links.

This event and venue will be Covid compliant in-line with the current Government Guidelines.

No refunds available unless the event is cancelled. When you set the intention to participate in this experience you're opening up an amazing new energetic potential for yourself and we invite you to honour your commitment to that.

Questions? Please email us at:



The Early Bird Ticket is £249 for the weekend.

Only a limited number of tickets will be available at this price.


The last event with Richard and Iona sold out in 48 hours!

Please don't wait, this will be a truly unique experience.