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Let your past ... transform Your future

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Join us for a unique and life changing journey into your Past Lives ...

  • Explore your Past Lives

  • Gain a Deeper Understanding of your Life Purpose

  • Release Negative Blocks that are holding you back

  • Learn to live a life of Passion and Fulfilment 

  • Experience Deep Healing

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Join Iona Russell and Richard Knight for an incredible evening of Past Life Regression and Intuitive Coaching.

Between them Iona and Richard have over 30 years of experience in helping people to experience their past lives and transforming their futures.

In this live and interactive online event, you will learn how events in your Past Lives can affect how your living your current life and techniques to transform your life path and gain real insight into your soul's purpose.

You will take part in a live Past Life Regression so you can experience your Soul's Journey in a completely safe and gentle way.


As this is a Zoom event you will be able to experience everything in the comfort of your own home.

The number of places are strictly limited so please book your place now


JUNE 19th 7pm

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