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Saturday 28 - Sunday 29 September 2024

An immersive online event Designed to take your Tarot & intuitive abilities to the next level!

Join Richard Knight online for this two-day Tarot exploration and journey

An immersive online event Designed to take your Tarot & intuitive abilities to the next level!

Step into a world where intuition and destiny converge, where the wisdom of the Tarot becomes a powerful tool for transformation.

TarotMania is more than an event; it's a profound journey of intuitive development & Tarot exploration.

Led by renowned psychic educator Richard Knight, Tarot Mania empowers you to awaken your intuitive gifts, deepen your connection with the Tarot's energy, and unlock doors to your true potential.

Join us on this transformative adventure, where collective insights, crystal connections, and life-changing approaches await. This is your opportunity to ignite your intuition and unveil the path that's meant for you.

Welcome to TarotMania, where revolution and revelation become one.

What will happen during Tarot Mania?

Immerse Yourself in an Unforgettable Journey:

Step into a world of wonder and intrigue as TarotMania takes you on a unique, immersive, and interactive experience that will begin your transformation.

Learn from a World-Renowned Psychic Educator:

Join hands with Richard Knight, a distinguished luminary in the realm of psychic development. With years of expertise, he stands as a guiding light in the field, ready to share his profound knowledge and insights to help you unlock your psychic potential.

Unveil a New Approach to Tarot:

TarotMania unveils an innovative approach to readings that goes beyond the cards themselves. Dive deep into the symbolism, energy, and hidden meanings that the Tarot holds. Richard Knight's teaching will elevate your understanding, allowing you to see the Tarot in a whole new light.

For All Levels of Enthusiasts:

Whether you're a curious newcomer to the world of Tarot or a more established practitioner, TarotMania welcomes you with open arms. The experience is designed to help every individual to further develop their intuition, and think differently about their Tarot practice.

Awaken Your Intuition and Psychic Abilities:

Tap into your inner wellspring of intuition and psychic prowess. Tarot Mania guides you through exercises and practices that help you forge a profound connection with your inner self. Discover a world where your intuitive powers flourish and lead you towards clarity and enlightenment.

What will happen during Tarot Mania?

The Workshop will include:

Introduction to Intuitive Reading:

Understanding the difference between traditional and intuitive Tarot reading.

Connecting with Your Tarot Deck:

Techniques for establishing a deep, personal connection with your cards

Developing Your Intuition: Exercises and practices to enhance your intuitive abilities.

Symbolism in Tarot:

Learning to interpret card imagery beyond textbook meanings.

The Role of Meditation:

Using meditation to improve focus and intuitive insights during readings.

Intuitive Interpretation of Major and Minor Arcana:

Developing personal interpretations of each card.

Reading without Spreads:

Learning to read cards individually and in free-flowing sequences.

Handling Complex Readings:

Strategies for tackling challenging readings with confidence.

Ethical Considerations in Intuitive Reading:

Understanding the responsibilities and boundaries.

Building Your Intuitive Tarot Practice:

Guidance on continuing your intuitive development and incorporating tarot reading into daily life for personal growth and self-discovery.

TarotMania Online
TarotMania Online
TarotMania Online

Join Richard and be a part of this unique journey that will empower you to embrace new techniques with confidence and take your abilities to unprecedented heights.

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