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Saturday 8 - Sunday 9 June 2024

Learn the secrets of blending Tarot, intuition, & coaching to create a transformational spiritual business

Join Richard Knight and Iona Russell online for this two-day immersive coaching event

Learn the secrets of blending Tarot, intuition, & coaching to create a transformational spiritual business

'King of Tarot' & Intuition Master Richard Knight will help you to expand and deepen your connection with your chosen tarot deck; exploring the meaning behind each card, how to interpret that meaning for your sitter, and how to trust your interpretation.

He will also share with you powerful Socratic questions to use with each card, and give you action points to suggest to your sitter, supercharging the transformation created by your readings.

Business Shaman and Intuitive Coach Iona Russell will take you through her five-elements coaching process, teaching you the symbolism of the elements, how to work through the elemental cycle and use them for objective-setting, relationship management, improving communication, leading with integrity, and long-term planning.

You'll be taken through transformational visualisation exercises and supported as you start to use the elements within your own business.

How does coaching connect to Tarot?

As a Tarot reader, learning to use coaching skills will benefit both your sitters during readings, and yourself.

By exploring your own limiting beliefs and self-doubts, you will be able to banish and overcome them, further deepening your trust in your abilities, your knowledge, and your self.

When you can do that, your readings will be stronger. More powerful. More transformational for your sitters. Not only will you be more attuned to your intuition, you will trust what it is telling you.

  • Learn the secrets of tapping in to your intuition

  • Deepen your innate empathic ability

  • Be able to combine Tarot with insightful Socratic questioning

  • Develop a unique method of coaching using the four elements

  • Expand your trust in your abilities

  • Overcome your self-doubts and limiting beliefs


Aspiring or practicing coaches seeking to integrate intuition, Tarot, and elemental wisdom into their practice.

Tarot enthusiasts interested in professional coaching.

Individuals interested in incorporating natural elements and Tarot into professional coaching or personal development.

Anyone looking to enhance their interpersonal and communication skills through intuition, Tarot, and the wisdom of the four elements.

Professionals aiming for personal growth, effective decision-making skills, and a holistic approach to coaching.

How does coaching connect to Tarot?

Why Attend This Workshop?

Master intuitive coaching techniques: learn to harness and trust your intuition to empower your coaching sessions. understand how to read subtle cues and guide your clients effectively.

Integrate Tarot as a powerful coaching tool: discover how to use Tarot cards to unlock insights, foster self-reflection, and provide meaningful guidance in your coaching sessions.

Embrace the wisdom of the four elements: explore how the elements of earth, air, fire, and water can be used to balance energy, foster healing, and support personal transformation in coaching.

Develop core coaching skills: gain expertise in active listening, powerful questioning, and empathetic communication, crucial for impactful coaching.

Personal growth and self-awareness: enhance your self-awareness and intuitive abilities through practical exercises designed to deepen your understanding of yourself and others.

Professional development: prepare to launch or enhance your coaching career with advanced techniques and strategies tailored for intuitive coaching, including the unique application of Tarot and elemental wisdom.


Intuitive Coaching with Richard and Iona takes place over Zoom, 23-24 March 2024, 12-4pm GMT.

The workshop will be recorded and a downloadable replay will be sent to everyone who has bought a ticket.

There will be a pop-up Facebook group opened for a period before and after the event for ticket-holders to connect and share their learnings

Supporting e-books will be supplied by both Richard and Iona

Intuitive Coaching Online - June
Intuitive Coaching Online - June
Intuitive Coaching Online - June

Join us in June to elevate your Tarot or Coaching business with this transformative workshop

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