psychic detection

a case study

Richard Massey, 27, a computer programmer from Doncaster was reported missing shortly from his New York home just before Christmas 2002. 

Despite the authorities and a private investigators best efforts Richard's whereabouts remained a mystery for more than 5 years. 

During that time Richard's family came to me to see if I could help. As with all my client sessions I begin with a 'clean sheet' knowing nothing about the client or why they have come to see me. Almost immediately the name 'Richard' and a symbol for a question mark and 'New York' came through.

The '?' symbol always relates to an unexplained and unexpected death. During the reading I was able to tell Richard's family that his body had been found in the Hudson River shortly after his disappearance and had been marked as a 'John Doe'. At the time this seemed to be unlikely as exhaustive searches had already been done by the NYPD.

I am delighted to report that following my reading The Massey Family were able to locate Richard's body and bring him home.

A Letter From Mr & Mrs Massey Acknowledging My Assistance 

Dear Richard

We are writing to thank you for your guidance in the search for our missing son.

Richard disappeared in 2002 and your suggestion in June this year to look again at unidentified bodies has resulted in us finding Richard after six years of looking for him.

Richard's body was found in early 2003, and were it not for your conviction that he had been found and lay unidentified somewhere in New York, I am sure that we would not have followed this line of enquiry and would never have found him.

We are now able to bring our son home and lay him to rest finally, so that we may all be at peace.

Thank you again for your part in this process.

Yours sincerely

Brian and Margaret Massey

This case is important for two reasons. First, and most importantly, it brought peace and closure to Richard Massey's family after years of frustration and pain.

Secondly, it is one of the very few documented cases where a psychic's involvement has been entirely responsible for the successful resolution of a missing persons or criminal investigation. As Mrs Massey states without my involvement they may never have found him. 

I have worked on many missing persons cases in my career and do so in confidence to respect the family and individuals involved. 

It is with gratitude I thank The Massey Family for letting me reprint their letter.